Friday, March 16, 2012

TWA Livin'

I've forgotten 3 times not that my huge puff is no more! LOL, I have gone to style it and then I realize, "Oh, I have a TWA again!" It's definitely a laughable moment and  like my little red bush. I have experienced the "I miss my huuurrrrr..." blues but whatever that's normal and it'll grow back in due time.  I snapped a few pics of my texture today so you can see how nice my ends are coiling since the cut. The little curlies are so cute! I have a drawer full of accessories so I am beyond excited to start going through it and finding cute stuff for my hair. In the pics below I am rocking a twist out that was styled with shea butter mixed with Jamaican Black Castor oil and Mizani's Moisture Stretch cream. Loving the results!



Precious Henshaw said...

I just love your new hair!!

socialitedreams said...

girl, i've been having the exact same thing going on! i chopped quite a few inches and totally forget that it's not the same :(

Elizabeth. said...

Love the color! The twist out is very pretty, and that headband needs to be in my collection. :)

Veronica said...

Very cute! I've been thinking of cutting and going blonde but I'm on a mission to have a huge wedge fro. LOL

I'm still lovin' your color!

DiJah said...

I <3 your hair color!