Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In Review: Curl Collection's June Box

I am sure a few of you ladies have heard me say, sometime or another, that I am not a fan of product boxes. I've be sent quite a few, two being from Curl Box and Curl Kit but I wasn't compelled to sign up after seeing what was inside. I do think that those two brands in particular may be good for new naturals trying to find their way around the "natural hair product world," so there are perks about the box craze. However, for me, I just didn't need a box of products every month. My bathroom cabinet was already bursting through the seems with stuff. 

I have cleaned under my sink many times and recently have gotten down to the products that actually use and will use in the future. Right around that time, Nadja, the owner of Curl Collection reached out after I expressed interest via Instagram. I was eager to learn more about the simple but sufficient all natural product boxes that she offered through her line. Talking to Nadja not only made me want the box but I was excited about what Curl Collection had to offer it's subbies. 

The June box featured products from Amazing Botanicals:

Black Soap Poo
*infused with Red Palm, Grapeseed, Marshmallow root, Burdock, Plantain, Nettle, Rosemary, and Panthenol*
Honey Condish
*made with Wildflower Honey infused with Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, Plantain and Irish Moss*
Hibiscus Gel
*distilled Water, Flaxseed, Hibiscus tea infusion, Aloe Gel, Optiphen,Rosemary, Lavender, Sunflower, Glycerin*
Go-green Liquid Pomade
shea Butter,Aloe Juice, Horsetail Butter, Chlorophyll, rosemary, peppermint oils*

For those of you unfamiliar with Curl Collection here's a simple rundown of what you can expect from the brand every month:

-Simple packaging 
-Full size products
-Not too many products (quality over quantity, this is one of the things that sold me)
-Your products will never contain sulfates, parabens or damaging alcohols

The first box I received from Curl Collection was special and themed for Mother's Day. It was filled with yummy treats for not only the hair but the body too. The simplicity of the packaging and the quality contents really blew me away. Nadja also sponsored a giveaway recently on the blog for Father's Day. I was impressed again by the quality products from the companies. I also like how she seems to highlight one company per month so that it's not overwhelming for the customers. From what I have seen and experienced so far, the product lines that are featured each month in the Curl Collection boxes, really care about the consumers wants, needs and hair! I was officially sold at the point. 

Above the jump you see a photo of June's box. I am a little late at getting to the review but I didn't want to let much more time pass by before giving my opinion. My first thought, WHY am I just hearing about Amazing Botanicals?! Second, their Go-Green pomade is awesome and the ingredients made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Long story short, I was yet again impressed, inspired and ready to use the goodies in my Curl Collection box. I haven't gotten a chance to delve into all 4 products but I will soon. I am excited to try them out on my HeatFreeHair install.

I am a fan of Curl Collection! I'm literally clinging to my seat and ready for my July box. A YouTube video will be up sooner than later so I can show you guys what exactly the products look like consistency wise. 

Interested in trying a product box? I would have to say go with Curl Collection.
You can find out how to sign up HERE.

Are you a product box fan? Which is your favorite and why?



Eat.Style.Play said...

I have to give this a go. I've been wanting for more hair boxed to come out

johann said...

This is exciting, cant wait for it.
Indian Hair

icyunvme76 said...

i am a product box subscription junkie. i love getting a monthly box of unknown goodies in the mail. i love birchbox. for only 10 bucks a month i get makeup, assessory, household, etc samples...and that small price includes shipping. i signed up for curlbox last month...anxiously waiting to receive my first box in july.....i feel like thumper rabbit just thinking about all the awesomely new companies curlbox will introduce to me.

Tia Chambers said...

I tried curlbox for three months. I really enjoyed one of the months though. I have heard good things about curl collection though. The full sized products are enticing.