Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healthy Hair: 16 month check in

Y'all know that I am terrible with length checks but I am trying to do better, hence this post. I took down my HeatFree Hair a couple months earlier than expected (will review soon and give deets on why). I  also was itching to touch my hair and let it breath for a little bit. I decided to do a length comparison from my cut last March to now, WHOA, I was impressed and very satisfied. I have 16 months of growth and because of my constant protective styles (weave sew-ins and marley twists) my retention is NOTICEABLE. Sharing this post with y'all has me really excited! 

I am so glad that I have been taking photos of my hair and keeping them! Look at that growth!! *excited face* I am very pleased and cannot wait to see my progress when I hit March 2014. Maybe I will even do an updated regimen/ product post. If that's something y'all would want, let me know. See below for puff progress pics.

Left: 38 weeks ago
Top Right: 17 weeks ago
Bottom Right: August 6, 2013

Want to see your length? Be patient, protect your strands and find what works for YOU!



Milan said...

Great length retention! My hair responds really well to being in protective styles consecutively for long periods of time too.

Amma Appiah said...


Alexandra Arnold said...

Your length retention is amazing!