Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold Weather Regimen Q & A

4 day old twist out

I know this post is beyond overdue but better late than never, right? My most FAQ is about my regimen for the colder months. To be honest there isn't much of a change in my hair care during the winter. You can see my full detailed regimen HERE. The main difference to the regimen I posted last year is sealing. My biggest words of advice for naturals looking to retain length and moisture is seal your strands! Under the jump you can find some Q & A about my winter regimen. I hope this helps!


Q: How often do you wash your hair during the winter?

A: 1-2x a month depending on the product build up. I try to use lighter products, like coconut oil and Oyin's Shine and Define, during the winter and a heavier sealant like castor oil, to avoid over washing and walking outside in the cold with a wet head of hair.

Q: Do you blow out your hair every time you wash in the colder months?

A: Yes, I am able to work with my thick hair better when it's stretched and completely dry. I do not like going outside in the winter with my hair wet. I've tried winter wash and go's and they aren't for me. It also takes my hair 2 days to dry all the way if it's not blown out.

Q: How do you blow out your hair and avoid heat damage? 

A: I blow my hair out on the cool setting and I use grapeseed oil as a heat protectant. 

Q: What do you use as a sealant?

A:  I use whipped shea butter or Jamaican Black Castor oil. A little goes a long way, you do not need to heavily coat your strands with butter or oil for a good seal. Your hair will be weighed down and gross if you do, LOL!

Q: How do you preserve your hair at night?

A: As of late, I re-twist my hair in chunky twists every other night with a little water. On the nights that I don't re-twist I use a loc sock to pineapple and preserve definition.


Lena's Blend said...

Your hairstyle is adorable I need to try that one some time. To be honest I don't really change my regime in the winter although it's a bit annoying leaving the house with wet hair when it's raining or cold. Luckily I live in LA though, so those kinds of days are few and far between, even during the winter.


Cute Kinks said...

I know this post isn't necessarily about your hair style but I think it is sooo cute! :)


Miche'al said...

It seems like everyone is commenting on your hairstyle. I think a tutorial is necessary because I love it!!!!

Ordered Steps Productions said...

Agreed, because I literally said "whoa!!!" when I saw that beautiful hair!!!!

кcℓ (n_n) said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait for my hair to get that big lol.... boy am I impatient. :\


Jaz K. said...

Your hair is beautiful! I stopped relaxing my hair last April and I did the Chop right before Christmas. I'm just trying to keep it lowly maintained and moisturized. I'm so glad I found this blog!


Tahlove said...

Like the ladies before me said... Love the hair. What's the process though? I've been trying to correct some dryness issues with my hair and am interested to know what you do. You wash/co-wash, blow out then what? What products do you use and how do you use them?

Alexandra said...

@Tahlove Please click the "here" link in the post for my full regimen and product list. Also, if you read carefully there under the "read more" tab, you will see the products that I recommend for styling and sealing my ends to help retain moisture.Thanks for reading! Happy hair growing!

@JazK congrats on the big chop! :)

Cami said...

Umm quick question, what's a loc sock?

Mona said...

Yeah, what Cami said. =)