Monday, March 5, 2012

Hairfinity Hair Vitamin Challenge

YAY! My Hairfinity vitamins came in the mail today and I am stoked about it. I've tried these vitamins before and I really liked how they affected my hair, skin and nails. Ingredient wise, Hairfinity vitamins contain a unique  blend of nutrients that aide in promoting the growth of healthy hair. What I like about Hairfinity supplemnets is that they contain A, C, and D vitamins along with B-vitamin complex, biotin, panthothenic acid, MSM and silica. So, as you can see they are packed with yumminess!

I decided to buy a two month supply to get going on my challenge. I paid $42 dollars for both bottles. I am sure you all know by now that I do not believe that anything can "make" hair grow so PLEASE keep that in mind before thinking there is a miracle pill on the market that will give you flowing mermaid locs, there isn't. In my opinion, vitamins help give us nutrients that we may be missing from our everyday diets. I find that taking vitamins keep me well rounded in my diet. Oh, did I mention I am a vegetarian?...Well pescaterian when I am feeling fancy but all in all no more of the other stuff. My goal is to be vegan one day *end rant*. ANYWAYS,   during this challenge length preservation is key so my protective styling should help me retain and see any growth I do get while on these vitamins. My step dad measured my new growth today, my roots definitely need to be touched up but I have 1 and 1/2 inches of black roots. So, I will be using that to keep track of my growth and length retention. I will start the vitamins tomorrow and at the end of month one, I will update y'all! 

Do any of you have a favorite vitamin or a supplement that you take daily for your hair, skin and nails? If so, feel free to share below! Want to try Hairfinity, click HERE to buy!



Raven J said...

I use Spring Valley Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins. They're so big, and they expect you to take 3 of them. I split 1 in half and I'm like "I took two" Lol.

I wonder if that have any super or adverse effects on the way it benifits me. I hope not, I've only taken it once and that was a few days ago. D;

Hopefully, I can find a comfortable "diet" to compliment my suppliments.

Good luck. :)

Have a blessed day, girlie :)

papayasugar said...

Keep us posted on this. I have used a hair vitamin before and it really did some justice to my hair. I knew because once I stopped a few months after I felt my hair wasn't as healthy. I don't even remember the name. But now I just take good ole regular multi by natures way alive And it's pretty good

Victoria Adams said...

I used to take hairfinity viitamins when I did the big chop in 2008. I shortly fell off after I got pregnant. I love the results and I am considering starting back as well.

BonApp├ęDee said...

Tell me what you think of them. I plan to try barleans women's essential and was told by a few other ladies different brands.