Sunday, January 13, 2013

TGHBPSC: 2013 Hair Goals

I was thinking today what my hair goals for this year would be and if I'd be tweaking my regimen at all. I decided that I do have a few goals but not really any tweaks to my regimen. In March it'll make a year since my cut. I wore my hair in PS's the majority of the time last year (cornrow'd updo styles) and for the past 2.5 months my hair has been strictly in protective styles so I am very excited to see how much length I have retained. I actually plan to wear my hair is PS's for the majority of 2013 as well. Mainly because I am debating whether or not I want to loc my hair so while I ponder on that I figured it'd be best to keep my hair hidden so I don't make an impulsive decision.

After my install is taken out I am going to be installing loc extenstions which I am EXTREMELY excited about. I found an AWESOME video on YouTube that I will be using as my guide, I'll post it under the jump for you ladies who are seeking a new PS during the remainder of TGHBPSC. I have a feeling that the majority of you may like the style and the easy technique.

Ok so for the good stuff...

My hair goals for this year
-Retain the majority of my length by protective styling even after TGHBPSC
(On average my hair grows 6 inches a year)
-Continue without the use of heat
-Only using products that I KNOW work for my hair
-Continue taking vitamins that aid in hair health (Hairfinity or Vivscal)
-In between PS's I plan on doing a good DC
-Trimming (if needed) twice a year
-Reduce my splitting ends by sealing more often
-Increase my water intake to keep my scalp hydrated
-Length check every 3 months

By 2014 (if I don't loc my hair) I am hoping to be bra strap length when stretched.

What are your goals for this year? Share below in the comment section.



Chan said...

I Love your natural hair and the goals you've set!

kitty little said...

I never thought about a hair goal before will have to incorporate that one in with the rest of my goals

Miss SP ❥ said...

locs will look gorgeoussss on you but that is a big decision to make. goodluck on your hair goals this year xoxo

vetty said...

I just want to be more consistent with the regimen I've created and keep 3-4inches of hair. I'll see how much growth I have after this PS challenge is over, and go from there.

EdotNicholle said...

I currently have this same style but with yarn. I've never thought to use marley hair. I shall try this next.

しやるだねでいびす said...

You would look amazing with loss! I'm hoping to be grazing mid-back length by 2014. Currently wearing a full head 24" sew-in as a PS