Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Healthy Hair: Rosehip Strand Essence by Ade Vegan Hair

CharBaby's fine strands are easily weighed down but products. I have finally found a lightweight whipped butter that works wonders on her curls. Ade Vegan Hair has released a  product called "Rosehip Strand Essence" that was formulated for naturals with finer hair in mind.  It doesn't take much to lay CharBaby's hair down but most of the time the slick look only lasts about 2 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that Ade's product not only laid her hair down but kept it frizz free for the entire day.

I used the product alongside my water and aloe spray. The texture of the butter is super airy and soft, it kind of reminds me of meringue. What I like most about RHSE is the fact that it slides on the strands smoothly and doesn't leave any residue or gunk behind. CharBaby's hair was left moisturized and her twists looked particularly plump with a bit of sheen.

I am a huge fan of Ade Vegan Hair's products. The line, Tonya (the owner), has created is awesome and I find myself always coming back for more. The simplicity of the reusable packaging all the way to the vegan ingredients is priceless! I am so happy that I've found another product from AVH to add to my staples list. CharBaby and I give Rosehip Strand Essence 5 Afro Picks! 

What's in it: 
Mango butter, palm butter, soy butter, aloe butter, hibiscus infused coconut oil, jojoba oil, jamaican black castor oil, oat oil, rosehip botanical extract, silk amino acids, vitamin E oil, rose absolute, ylang ylang essential oil. 

Where to buy:

This light floral whipped butter is highly concentrated with essential butters, oils and extracts to treat your strands to all the healing and none of the weight! Ideal for people with finer strands, or anyone who is looking for an almost weightless moisturizer for their hair. 


Miss Dre said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think this would be perfect for my baby girl's hair.

Age in ATL said...

This looks like a really good product. Love the ingredients. It would be perfect for the colder months and twist outs.

tay♥ said...

Her hair is so pretty, and it really does look like the moisturizer did a great job at softening and de-frizzing her strands!

Mz_prettyNsweet said...

Her hair looks so moisturized! The natural ingredients seem to make the product that much better!!!

Stefany Mari ❤ said...

That stuff looks yummy. And Char babys hair looks super moisturized. I do the same exact style on my Lani boo lol.

Angelica Cox said...

I have a 1 year old daughter and her hair is very fine and thin and gets very dry. I've been giving my daughter avocado masks as well as using shea moisture on her hair and there has been improvement with her hair but I was wondering if this would also be a good product for her. The baby moisturizer I use now is good but it's a bit gunky and leaves a sort of residue that makes her hair look like she has dandruff or a lot of lint in her hair. I know you said this product is really good and it's light, do you think it could help with my daughter's hair; especially with the dryness.